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  • Hannah Murray

5 Signs You May Want to Elope

You may be considering an elopement if you're reading this and recently engaged. First off, congratulations! You've just entered a remarkable season in life that will fly by. Throughout the wedding planning process, remember the reason behind the stress and truly enjoy yourself. Now, let's talk about an elopement. Many couples have opted to elope in recent months; it's an exciting way to celebrate your love and potentially travel somewhere new. Nevertheless, if you're on the fence about what your wedding day should look like, maybe it's time to look into signs you may want to elope!

Destination elopement photographer captures couple holding hands after elopement ceremony

You May Want to Elope If You Both Love Adventure

An elopement is the ultimate adventure experience that you can take in life. There is something so epic about picking a unique location and getting married there. While a traditional wedding surrounded by friends and family is always a good option, it may not be for you. Perhaps you are constantly planning your next trip or experience or potentially living out of suitcases. You may want to elope! Sit down with your partner and dream up the ultimate adventure. Maybe that's where you should elope.

You Don't Want a Traditional Wedding

Do you find yourself dreading the idea of a big traditional wedding? Maybe you've been to quite a few and realized that isn't what you pictured for yourself. Guess what? That's ok if you aren't drawn to planning a big party surrounded by childhood friends, neighbors, and even Aunt Deb. Traditional weddings are oftentimes referred to as the biggest party of your life for a reason. At the same time, they require months of planning, tons of time, and sometimes lots of stress. Nevertheless, if a party like that doesn't excite you, skip it!

Destination elopement photographer captures couple standing on boulder together

You May Want to Elope If You Want Something Stress-Free

As I previously mentioned, traditional weddings involve much planning and sometimes stress. Perhaps you want to elope to avoid the stress and selfishly want to enjoy the moment. I don't blame you! There's nothing selfish about prioritizing your mental health and your dream wedding. An elopement and wedding are so different and require a lot of different things. However, if you choose to elope, you can still enjoy the wedding traditions on a smaller, less stressful scale.

Destination elopement photographer captures couple hugging and laughing together

You Don't Want to go into Debt

Did you know, according to The Knot, couples spend on average $30,000 on their wedding? That's a lot of money for anybody to spend on a wedding! Maybe you want to elope because you don't have that kind of money to spend or don't want to. An elopement is the perfect solution to enjoying your next steps in life together on a smaller, more affordable scale. You'll still be marrying your forever love and have great memories. Your priorities are just slightly different.

Destination elopement photographer captures couple holding hands after destination elopement

You May Want to Elope if You Want Something Personal and Intimate

Lastly, you may want to elope simply because you want your wedding to be an intimate and personal experience. When couples plan a traditional wedding and invite upwards of 100 people, they lose the sense of intimacy. It can feel like a performance and less like a life experience. It's your wedding day to make it what you want. Even if you choose to have the necessary people there on your elopement day, it'll be incredible.

If you think this may be you and want to elope, reach out! I'm your go-to gal for destination elopement photography and making your life easier.

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