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  • Hannah Murray

6 Myths about Eloping

Throughout the years, elopements have become incredibly popular. From the jaw-dropping locations to the epic adventure and just the desire to want to elope! I've always been a fan of elopements and obsessed with all the incredible destination elopements. As a destination elopement photographer, I've been invited to some epic locations to capture the dreamiest love stories. But I'm here to break down some of the myths about eloping. While encouraging you to do whatever you want and dream of for your wedding day.

Destination elopement photographer captures bride and groom hugging during bridal portraits

Elopements are Rushed and Secretive

Before destination elopements were as popular as they were, couples would run off and elope secretly. However, that was back in the day, and nothing like elopements are today. Elopements can be anything you want them to be, from just the two of you to family and closest friends. I've witnessed couples elope alone with just the necessary people. At the same time, other couples have planned for months and eloped in beautiful locations surrounded by people they love most. It's all about you and what you want your elopement to look like.

An Elopement Has to be Just The Two Of You

Another high-ranking misconception on my list of myths about eloping is that it just has to be the two of you. While, as we previously discussed, it CAN be just the two of you, it doesn't have to. More couples are choosing to elope to incredible locations and invite a small wedding party to join them. Whether you plan a traditional wedding or an intimate elopement, it's up to you who you ask and how many people will support you.

Couples Only Elope to Save $$ - Myths About Eloping

While traditionally, this may have been the case, this couldn't be further from the truth now. Elopements are sometimes chosen because couples would rather spend that money on an epic adventure honeymoon. However, more couples bring the people they love most to bucket list spots to declare their love to one another. Does that sound like a cheaper option? Maybe. Another reason couples may choose to elope is that they don't love the idea of a big traditional wedding. With a smaller party comes less expensive events. These myths about eloping are all about perspective and your idea for your wedding, that's all!

Destination elopement photographer captures close up of bride and groom hugging and capturing wedding rings

You Have to be Adventurous and Outdoorsy to Elope

Do you think the people that elope in Hawaii are adventurous and outdoorsy? No, they just wanted to elope on the beach and have fun! Elopements are all about you and your relationship; there aren't any specifications or rules. Some couples even choose to elope to check out a new spot. It's all about what you want.

Eloping isn’t as Special as a Traditional Wedding

While you're choosing to get married on a smaller scale at an elopement, that doesn't take away from how special your day is. Honestly, it may make it even more special. You're choosing to forgo many wedding traditions and focus on what matters: your love story. Whether selecting an elopement for adventure and travel or celebrating your love, it's a beautiful day.

Elopements Don’t Need as Much Photography Coverage as a Traditional Wedding

Last but not least, on my list of myths about eloping, photography coverage. While your elopement may be shorter, that doesn't mean you need less photography coverage. Maybe you want a photographer there to capture you getting ready with your partner or a sunrise session the following day. The beautiful thing about any wedding is you get to make it whatever you want, including planning special moments like this with your partner and photographer to capture it all.

Destination elopement photographer captures bride and groom walking together

Nevertheless, whether you plan a traditional wedding or an intimate elopement, it will be such a special day for the two of you. Elopements can be anything you want them to be.

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