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7 Tips for Newly Engaged Couples By Glacier National Park Elopement Photographer

Are you recently engaged and overwhelmed by the amount of work to do while planning your wedding? Engaging is a particular time in your life and deserves to be enjoyed! As a Glacier National Park elopement photographer, I have experience in the wedding industry and have you covered. I understand how hard it can be to be surrounded by wedding inspiration on social media and everywhere you look. Expectations for weddings are high and frequently unrealistic. Put the societal norms behind you, and let's start planning a wedding you'll love. Here are seven tips for newly engaged couples to enjoy their engagement.

Glacier National Park elopement photographer captures newly engaged couple embracing while man touches woman's chin

Get the Big Conversations Out Of the Way Early

Once you get engaged, you'll probably feel excited for the future and ready to start planning one of the biggest parties of your life. However, it can quickly divide a couple and make them resent the engagement in the first place. I suggest my couples get those significant conversations out of the way early. After the proposal, consider voicing your opinions on a date, budget, and overall dream for your wedding day. Throughout these extensive conversations, be willing to listen and work together to make things smoother during the planning process.

Don’t Make Any Assumptions About What the Other Person Wants - Glacier National Park Elopement Photographer

Next, on my list of tips, don't make assumptions. While dating, before the proposal, you may have started discussing wedding day ideas. But until it gets to the planning, you can't assume you know what the other person envisions for their dream day. Throughout the planning process, ask the basic questions. When do you want to get married? What does your wedding day look like? Where do you want to get married? These are all essential questions that, once discussed and clarified, will make planning much more manageable. Throughout the planning process, it's all about open communication!

Glacier National Park elopement photographer captures man kissing woman's cheek during outdoor engagement photos

Everything is Expensive - Glacier National Park Elopement Photographer

Maybe you've discussed the budget and reached a consensus on a number that feels right to both of you. However, you may not have realized that everything is expensive. We've all been to weddings or seen weddings online and thought they couldn't cost that much money. According to The Knot, an average American wedding cost $30,000. Everything is expensive; it's all about how you budget and where you decide to splurge during the process.

Glacier National Park elopement photographer captures woman holding man's hand

You Don't Need To Take Everyone's Opinions

Everyone will flood you with opinions as you get into this wedding planning mode. It can become too much very quickly. Remember that you don't have to take everyone's opinion throughout your wedding planning. Focus on what's most important: the two of you and your dreams for the day. Looking back on your wedding in 10-15 years, you want to remember it fondly, and not like you missed out on your dream day because you listened to everyone's opinions. You chose to get married to your person for a reason, to celebrate your love, and that deserves to be done how you choose.

Engagement Photos Are A Must

Next on my list of top tips for newly engaged couples, don't skip the engagement photos! Engagement photos are a great way to continue the excitement for your wedding while getting you out of wedding planning mode. I always encourage couples to book an engagement session and make it into something fun. Whether that's a date night, exploring somewhere new, or even getting new outfits for the session. It's an excellent way to get into the excitement!

Involve Wedding Planner EARLY - Glacier National Park Elopement Photographer

Planning a wedding is hard, and if you're struggling, I suggest booking a wedding planner asap! They will be able to provide you with vendor recommendations and make things generally so much smoother. Wedding planners can take away the stress of forgetting something or messing up on your wedding planning timeline and encourage you to enjoy this short season of life.

Glacier National Park elopement photographer captures man and woman running together during outdoor engagement photos

Don’t Spend Every Moment Planning

Lastly, to my newly engaged couples, don't spend every moment planning! Being engaged is such a short season of life that is truly one of the most extraordinary and exciting times. I would encourage you to prioritize your relationship now more than ever and plan weekly date nights where you are not allowed to discuss the wedding. There will be plenty of time to worry about the wedding and enjoy being together and engaged.

Glacier National Park elopement photographer captures woman on top of man's back celebrating recent engagement

Hopefully, these tips are something you consider and help make your wedding planning smoother. Are you looking for more wedding planning tips and tricks? Check out the blog!

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