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Best Places for Your Glacier National Park Elopement

Planning your elopement and decided on a Glacier National Park elopement? Yay! I'm so excited for you! However, there are many places in Glacier to get married, so how do you choose? As a destination elopement photographer, I know how important location is to the overall vibe. Especially since you decided to elope. Throughout your planning process, it's crucial to figure out the vision for your day and find the perfect spot to match that dream. Lucky for you, I've scouted out some of the prettiest spots in the park to make planning your elopement that much easier.

Destination elopement photographer captures Glacier National Park elopement

Big Bend

First on my list of top places for your Glacier National Park elopement is Big Bend. If you're looking for a spot requiring minimal hiking and an incredible view, this is it. Big Bend has breathtaking views of the towering peaks. If you time it right, you may even see some wildflowers growing. It's the perfect spot for an intimate ceremony with the signature Glacier view.

Lake McDonald For Your Glacier Park Elopement

During your elopement planning, maybe you're looking to add some adventure. Lake McDonald offers a nearly ten-mile-long lake with outstanding views of the glorious mountain peaks. Not only will you be at the largest lake in the park, but you'll also enjoy a cozy lodge experience at the hunting lodge found shoreside. It's the perfect spot for an elopement and honeymoon! It's an epic spot, from horseback riding to day hikes, boating, and more.

7 Mile Pull-Out

If you're considering getting married between Memorial Day and Labor Day, 7 Mile Pull-Out may be just the spot for your Glacier Park elopement. Also known as Sandy Point, 7 Mile Pull-Out's peak season is between Memorial Day and Labor Day, so keep in mind that ceremony length may be restricted for longer ceremonies. It is a quiet spot with a sandy beach and a calm view of Lake McDonald's waters. It's an incredible spot for a quick ceremony and epic wedding portraits!

Avalanche Lake For Your Glacier Park Elopement

This one's for all my adventurous hiking friends, Avalanche Lake. Avalanche Lake is a 5.9-mile hike taking you through the back side of Lake McDonald. While it's incredibly popular with avid hikers and campers, remember it is a moderately challenging hike. It's about a 2-hour and 30-minute hike from start to finish, so plan accordingly. However, how romantic would it be to wake up in the sun, hike with your partner, then set up camp and elope at sunset in the park? Keep your pups at home if you decide to elope here as they aren't allowed in this spot.

Destination elopement photographer captures bride and groom holding hands while walking in Glacier National Park

Going-To-The-Sun Road

Even if you choose not to elope here, you've got to check it out! Going-To-The-Sun Road is an incredible spot to experience the magic in Glacier National Park truly. As you drive up the bend, you may get sprayed with water and even see some of the wildlife in the park! From mountain goats to bighorn sheep, it's the true definition of adventure. Most popular during the summer months, Going-To-The-Sun Road is a spot that will truly take your love to new heights!

Logan Pass For Your Glacier National Park Elopement

Do you dream of getting married in a field of wildflowers? If the answer is yes, then Logan Pass is just the spot for you in the summer months. Here, you'll find fields blanketed with wildflowers, wildlife if you're lucky, and the highest elevation spot in the park. While Logan Pass may now be at the top of your list, ensure you arrive early or later in the afternoon to avoid most crowds. Also, parking is limited, so take the free shuttle service to avoid parking issues!

Destination elopement photographer captures bride leading groom through park

Whether you choose to elope in Glacier National Park or vacation there in the future, check out these epic spots and experience all the beauty the park has to offer! Traveling heals the soul, and spending time in these national parks is the best healing I've found.

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