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How to Elope in Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park has quickly become a destination for epic adventure elopements. More and more couples opt for a destination elopement, specifically in a national park. Glacier National Park is truly a stunning park that welcomes guests year-round, making it perfect for weddings or elopements! While eloping is less planning than a wedding, many moving pieces remain to consider. Where in the park will you read your vows? Will you get married at sunset or sunrise? Do you need a permit? If you plan to elope in Glacier National Park, I'm sharing all my secrets and tips to make it a seamless experience.

Glacier National Park wedding photographer captures engaged couple embracing before Glacier National Park wedding

Where to Elope in Glacier National Park

As many people can attest, the park has breathtaking locations to elope. Glacier is filled with stunning mountain peaks, crystal clear water, and peace. I always encourage couples eloping here to explore the park and see if anything stands out to them for their elopement ceremony. However, if you can't do that before the wedding, I've got a few favorites to share.

Big Bend

This is it if you're looking for a spot requiring minimal hiking and an incredible view. Big Bend has breathtaking views of the towering peaks.

Lake McDonald

During your elopement planning, maybe you're looking to add some adventure. Lake McDonald offers a nearly ten-mile-long lake with outstanding views of the glorious mountain peaks.

7 Mile Turnout

It is a quiet spot with a sandy beach and a calm view of Lake McDonald's waters. It's an incredible spot for a quick ceremony and epic wedding portraits!

Best Time of Year to Elope in Glacier National Park

Before you choose the time of year or date for your elopement, consider what weather you'd prefer! Glacier National Park is beautiful year-round, which allows for date flexibility. However, remember that the late summer months (July-August) are usually the busiest in the park. Fall is generally a safe bet for fewer visitors and a more enjoyable, private experience! Spring months are also a great time to visit when flowers are beginning to bloom, and there will be fewer visitors.

There will be light snow remaining, which will allow for incredible backdrops!

Another tip to consider is planning your elopement for a weekday! The park and trails will be less populated, making for easy travel and a more private experience. Remember that you will have to acquire some permit for your wedding, and different times of the year are busier than others, making getting a permit a little more complicated. I suggest remaining date flexible to ensure you aren't disappointed and get your dream elopement.

Glacier National Park wedding photographer captures groom holding bride's waist during bridal portraits

Wedding Permits

According to the Glacier National Park website, all elopements, vow renewal ceremonies, and gatherings require a 'special use permit.' Getting a permit to limit the number of ceremonies on a given day is necessary to protect and respect the landscape throughout the park. For more information on permits, head to Glacier's website here!

Vendors For Your Glacier National Park Elopement Package

While planning to elope in Glacier National Park, the vendors you'll need are up to you! An elopement can be as big or small as you choose. However, I always suggest hiring a photographer to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments and help craft your legacy together. You may consider hiring a day-of coordinator to help manage other vendors, keep track of timelines, and make the day smoother. Some couples opt for a florist, day-of coordinator, photographer, and videographer for their elopement. Most often, couples choosing to elope are set on keeping things minimal while highlighting the event's nature and commitment to one another.

Glacier National Park wedding photographer captures woman leaping into man's arms in Glacier National Park

Already dreaming of an incredible Glacier National Park elopement photography experience? Get in touch now!!!

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