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Micro Wedding Versus Elopement

Throughout the years of wedding planning, traditions and expectations of weddings have shifted. 62% of engaged couples said they were considering an elopement versus a traditional wedding. But what is the difference between a micro wedding and an elopement? As a destination elopement photographer, I always encourage couples to do what feels true to them and their relationship. Whether that's a traditional wedding or an elopement. Let's dive into the differences between micro weddings and elopements.

Destination elopement photographer captures bride and groom hugging in forest after destination elopement

What is an Elopement?

An elopement to me, is something intimate, romantic, and full of adventure that focuses on the relationship. Most couples opt for a destination elopement and make a trip of it. They're able to create lasting memories and build a strong foundation for the future of their marriage. Some couples keep their ceremony incredibly small, just the necessary people and the couple, this can make for an even more intimate day. I've had the opportunity to capture elopements in the Smokey Mountains, and Glacier National Park and can't wait to capture more love stories.

Elopements are some of my favorites to be a part of because we're able to bring adventure and excitement. While also getting more of the couple's personalities into the day, and creating intentional moments of stillness. I make sure my elopement couples are getting all the dreamy adventure shots and the details we all love. Elopements are so special because we're stripped of silly traditions and focus on what truly matters, your love.

What is a Micro Wedding?

Micro weddings are a great option for the couple who loves all the traditional wedding events and the intimacy that can be found in a small elopement. The main difference between these two wedding types is the number of guests involved in your day. If you want your family to be able to participate and experience your day alongside you, a micro-wedding may be the perfect fit! Especially if there are certain wedding day traditions you want to include.

However, when it comes to wedding planning, there are no rules. If you want to have 50 guests and a cake cutting. Go for it! It's your day your memories, and your relationship. Don't let anyone's opinion change your micro-wedding dreams!

Destination elopement photographer captures newly married couple walking away together

Invest in Your Memories

Whether you're choosing an adventure elopement or a quick backyard wedding, invest in your memories. Your love story and relationship deserves to be captured and memorialized for years to come. Find a photographer who understands your vision and the feelings you want captured on your day. Someone who will get in the water with you to get the excitement of being married and jumping in the water. Find someone who will hike up a mountain with you to celebrate. Or if it's a more traditional micro-wedding, find a photographer that will be your hype team and cheer you on during your day.

Whether you choose an elopement or a micro wedding the end is the same, you get to proclaim your love to your forever person. While creating a lifetime of memories and having an absolute blast doing it.

Destination elopement photographer captures couple embracing during golden hour portraits

Looking for your dream destination elopement photographer? I'm your girl!

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