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  • Hannah Murray

Why Elope in 2024

It's time to start planning all 2024 summer weddings and elopements with summer coming up. As a destination wedding photographer, I am so stoked about the upcoming elopements for the year and the incredible locations we'll be visiting. Are you recently engaged and bouncing between an elopement or a wedding? While elopements have become a popular wedding option, it's always up to you and your partner! Why elope in 2024? Let's dive into why eloping this new year is your best decision.

Destination Wedding Photographer captures bride and groom walking up the stairs to courthouse elopement

Smaller Wedding = Less Stress

First and probably the most obvious is that fewer guests and a smaller event mean less stress! Generally speaking, you won't have to hire many vendors or venues or even plan for food. When couples elope, they usually keep things pretty intimate, which allows for an easier time planning. Of course, you'll still have to plan the location, dress, and anything else you decide you want, but it should be less stressful overall.

Why Elope? Less Money!

If you're thinking about eloping, you've probably considered the huge financial relief that can come with that. Let's think about it: eloping can be done anywhere (most of the time), and the venue cost is way less. Nevertheless, as you begin to plan your elopement, you'll get to decide what's important for you to have on your big day. Perhaps you'll opt for a florist, a wedding cake, and a photographer. Or maybe just a photographer and an officiant. Your day, your call!

Unique To Your Relationship and More Intimate

One of my top reasons for an elopement is the ability to make it whatever you want and special to your relationship. An elopement provides a unique opportunity for couples to plan an epic adventure or an intimate ceremony celebrating their love. Surrounded by their family and friends, or simply the necessary people to make things legal. Your day means you and your partner can plan it however you dreamed it would be. Whether in Glacier National Park with all your family or in the courthouse with just the two of you.

Destination Wedding Photographer captures bride and groom walking in field after elopement

Explore a New Place

An elopement is the perfect opportunity to explore a new place as a couple. Many couples choose a bucket list location for their wedding day and book their honeymoon there right after. You've chosen your forever partner, and start adventuring together right after the wedding. From Nashville to the beaches of Florida or even an intimate cabin in Montana. Make it your greatest adventure yet.

Why Elope? Less Wedding Planning!

Throughout your post proposal Pinterest scrolling, I'm sure you've stumbled upon many wedding planning checklists, must-dos, and more overwhelming content. Planning a wedding is not for the faint of heart; this overwhelm is why many couples hire someone to prepare it for them. Luckily for elopement-planning couples, there is so much less planning. Gone are the venue tours, makeup artist trial runs, and catering tastings. Simply choose what matters most to you (photography, dress, location) and enjoy!

Incredible Elopement Photos

As a destination elopement photographer, I am slightly partial, but it's all about the photos! When you plan an epic elopement, you will want incredible images that tell the story of your adventure. That brings you back to the moment before you said, I do, the feelings felt during the ceremony and the incredible views seen. Especially if you're experiencing something new (helicopter elopement, mountaintop ceremony) or visiting a new location, photos are one of the only things you'll get to take with you from your wedding day and look back on for years to come. Make it count.

Destination Wedding Photographer captures bride and groom kissing after elopement in mountains

Why Elope? More Eco Friendly

Lastly, and most importantly, elopements are more eco-friendly. Gone are the single-use napkins and paper products, confetti, invitations, and all the other harmful things that can affect the environment after the wedding. An elopement eliminates all of those things as you boil the event down to what matters: your love. We're not stressing about food, DJs, or guests traveling nationwide. Your intimate and eco-friendly event is another excellent reason to choose an elopement over a traditional wedding.

Whether you choose a traditional wedding or an epic adventure elopement, your day will be unique, memorable, and perfect for the two of you. Finding your person in the sea of people is an exciting time and deserves to be celebrated in any way you see fit. You've got this.

Destination Wedding Photographer captures groom kissing bride's cheek after Glacier National Park elopement

Considering an elopement and looking at Glacier National Park? Check out the blog!

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