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Why You Should Have an Unplugged Wedding

As wedding season approaches and planning begins, it's time to get into your wedding planning details. As a destination wedding photographer, I've attended many unique wedding ceremonies. However, one thing stays the same: two people choose one another forever. With arguably the biggest day of your life coming, the memories of that day must be captured. What could be worse than a photographer trying to capture the big moment battling through a sea of phones? With an unplugged wedding, you won't have to worry about that! Let's dive into why you should ask guests to put down their phones and be present on your big day.

Destination Wedding Photographer captures groom sitting with bride and kisses her forehead after unplugged wedding ceremony

What is an Unplugged Wedding?

An unplugged wedding ceremony is simply a ceremony without cell phones or cameras. While guests attend your big day, we want them to be in the moment and witness your most exciting adventure yet. Some people may have traveled far to come to your event, and it's so important that they can enjoy themselves. Encouraging guests to put down their cell phones and be present is a great way to do just that. After all, you didn't spend all this time planning your wedding for people to be sucked into their phones!

Another reason to ask guests to put their phones down is that it allows your Nashville wedding photographer to do their job to the best of their ability and take photos! There's nothing worse than looking around at a bunch of screens. Encouraging guests to put down their devices will give you incredible pictures of their emotions!

How Should I Inform Guests?

Don't let having an unplugged wedding make you stressed. People understand and will be willing to accommodate! Most couples simply put out a sign explaining their wishes for the wedding ceremony. It's a great way to welcome guests and present them with a ceremony favor while encouraging them to be in the moment without their cell phones. This has become a popular wedding trend over the past few years, and I promise your guests won't be offended by your simple request!

Remember that you may not get everyone off their phones, but the majority will, which will make a difference!

Destination Wedding Photographer captures couple walking out of unplugged wedding ceremony celebrating

What Should I Do if Guests Refuse to Participate in Our Unplugged Wedding Ceremony?

While not all guests may agree with your request, don't stress! The vital part of the day is that you've found your person and are embarking on a new journey together. If you have guests who aren't willing to cooperate, ask your designated person or even your wedding planner to explain the importance of the plan to them. Remind them of the day's significance and that you will share your professional photos with them. Nevertheless, your destination wedding photographer will be able to capture emotional and beautiful wedding photos. Don't worry about the rest!

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